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✧ 豆腐花 ✧

🍮 have some instant
soy bean pudding 🍮✨

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hi! welcome 2 my blog!! ~ ♡

🍮 welcome to soy bean pudding! 🍮 you can call me dau. daufuufaa is my pudding bowl for collecting things. it's my cozy corner of the net!
here is a cup of tea and an egg tart:

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if you are interested in learning about personal sites like this one, or pixel sites in specific, you can read this lovely article by cinni from yesterweb zine!

during the month of july, i run a blog for international zine month! please check it out and participate when it comes around!

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Sandy Lam cover of "Take My Breath Away" in Cantonese released on her third album 'Sandy (憶蓮)' in 1987 and also heard in 'As Tears Go By' dir. Wong Kar Wai (1988)

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